Providing care and assistance to your loved ones with dementia.

caregiver and elderly man talking

If you have loved ones who are diagnosed with dementia, their well-being depends on you and on the environment they are in. As one of their family members, it is natural that you will have to take care of your loved ones. However, when things are getting more and more out of your control, you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to take care of them.

That is why we at Dara Healthcare Services, LLC offers dementia care services. The aim of this service is to provide dementia patients with the care and support they need. Our caregivers offer specialized assistance designed for those who are coping with dementia. This way, we can help improve the quality of life of your loved ones despite their illness.

If you wish to know more about this service, you may call us through these numbers: 703-850-2660 or 206-304-0410. You may also send us a message on our contact us page.